Maintaining First Aid Kits In Your School

When it comes to your students, you want to make sure you always have the first aid supplies you need in the event of an emergency. One way to do this is to perform some regular first aid maintenance in your school. Here are some tips you can use to maintain your supplies and ensure you are ready for any emergency that might occur.

Map Out Kit Locations

There are several key places in your school that should be equipped with first aid kits. These include the cafeteria, nurse's office, gym, and science labs, but there may be other areas in your school where they are needed as well. Map out where you need a first aid kit in the school, and check those areas to make sure they are in place. If they are not, you can order kits for those areas.

Check Expiration Dates

Some items in the first aid kits have expiration dates, such as medications, so you'll want to check the dates regularly. Work with your school staff to set up a schedule for checking the supplies, and make sure that you are discarding any items that are close to or past the expiration dates. You can also use a sticker system on each first aid kit to indicate the last time they were checked. Use a different color each time the kits are examined. By doing this, you'll be quickly able to tell when a kit may be in need of maintenance.

Restock Your Kits

Over time, small items, such as adhesive bandages, may run low in your first aid kits. When you check for expiration dates, you can also check to see what needs to be restocked. Some first aid supply companies offer restocking services or first aid restock kits, which include having someone examine each kit and fill them as needed. Another option is to make a shopping list and fill them on your own. As you make a list of what needs to be replaced, consider additional items you might be able to use in your school. For example, a spine board may make a smart addition to your school's gym or nurse's office, while burn treatment supplies are smart options for the first aid kits in school kitchens or cooking classrooms.

Having fully stocked first aid kits is essential for school safety. Use these tips to maintain your kits, and give your students access to emergency treatments when they need them.