4 Things To Know About Walk-In Clinic Lab Tests

It's wise to have your blood tested periodically, even if you feel healthy. Certain dangerous diseases can be asymptomatic for a long time. Blood tests allow doctors to find problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and nutrient deficiencies. An early diagnosis will allow you to get the care you need. Blood tests can also help doctors find the cause of troublesome symptoms.

When you need a blood test, a walk-in clinic can help. Walk-in clinics can perform lab tests such as urinalysis and blood tests. Here are four things patients should know before visiting a walk-in clinic for tests:

1. Your tests may be covered by insurance.

Many people hesitate to go to the doctor because they're concerned about the cost. Fortunately, many insurance policies cover lab tests performed at walk-in clinics. Walk-in clinics are similar to urgent care facilities. They are a more affordable option than a trip to the emergency room. If you're concerned about the cost of services, you can call the walk-in clinic ahead of time to ask if they accept your insurance.

2. You should eat something before your blood test unless otherwise directed.

If you plan to have blood drawn, it's a good idea to eat something before your trip to the clinic. You don't need to eat a large meal, but a small snack will help you keep your strength up. Consider eating a snack that includes both protein and simple carbohydrates for best results. In some cases, your doctor may tell you to fast before your blood test. Fasting may be necessary to test your body's blood glucose levels and liver function. Always follow your doctor's recommendations.

3. You may want to secure a ride home after your procedure.

You will be allowed to drive yourself home after a blood test if you desire. However, some people feel weak or faint after giving blood. This effect can be especially pronounced if you have given a lot of blood. If you think you may be too impaired to drive, it's wise to bring someone with you to your appointment. A friend or family member can give you a safe ride home from your lab test.

4. Your test results will not be available right away.

The walk-in clinic will analyze your samples in a lab and give you the results as soon as possible. However, you should not expect these results immediately. It can take a week or longer for a lab to finish analyzing blood or urine samples. Be patient in the meantime.